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P.E. Grant Expenditure

PE Sports Grant 2016 – 2017

Dussindale Primary School continues to have a strong commitment to PE which is evident in the wide range of in and out of school activities offered and our ever increasing involvement in tournaments and competitive sports.

A plan of how we intend to allocate funds can be found below. We will review and measure the impact of the funding at the end of the academic year. Total funding received for 2016-17 is £9693.


  • To provide excellent and consistent teaching of PE .
  • To develop a life-long love of sport and physical activity in all our children.
  • To develop and enhance the skills and confidence of staff in PE.
  • To develop a sustainable programme for the future.
  • To extend both lunchtime and out of hours school activities.
  • To create a system of peer mentoring in PE, with older children taking part in a play leader system for break time and lunchtime games.

Summary of where the funding will be allocated: 

  • Early Years Physical interventions from entry in Foundation Stage £1000
  • PE Specialist hours to run lunchtime and after school clubs   £2500
  • Affiliations to leagues and competitions for a range of sports   £1000
  • CPD for class teachers for succession planning   £1500
  • Resources   £1500
  • Coaches and transport costs  £1000
  • Additional enrichment swimming slot at Thorpe High School: £700
  • Contingency £493

Use and impact of the government Sports Grant 2015/16

We have continued to make great use of the PE and sports funding to promote sport and fitness in the school for 2015/16.

We have continued to target fundamental skills in reception.

We have increased the amount of sports clubs and activities and continued with the Change 4 life club.

We have had the Community Sports Foundation in to deliver CPD to two Key Stage 2 teachers and enable teachers to feel confident in their delivery of PE. The partnership we have with the CSF has enabled us to access some of their CPD opportunities and as a result have been able to send some teaching Assistants from Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 on 101 warm up ideas, which they have used to help support in PE and during morning exercise.

We ran after school clubs in:

  • Multi-Sports for years 2-4
  • Cricket for Key Stage 2
  • Running Club for Key Stage 2
  • Cross Country for Key Stage 2
  • Sportshall Athletics Key Stage 2
  • Squash Club for Key Stage 2
  • Dance Club, run by Aspire

Lunchtime Clubs in:

  • Football for Years 1-6
  • Tag Rugby for Key Stage 2
  • Netball for Key Stage 2
  • Basketball for Key Stage 2
  • Cricket for Key Stage 2

We have increased the number of children that lead games and officiate during level 1 competition and with a successful sports organising crew have been able to provide appropriate competition within school for all.

We have continued to increase our participation in competition in 2013/14 we attended three level 2 competitions in the school games competitions, 2014/15 we increased this to six and 2015/16 we increased this to seven. Due to the continued level of interest and enthusiasm in the school we have fielded more teams in each competition.

We have had several children qualify for Level 3 competition in cross country and swimming and we have won the community football award.

Dussindale have been successful in being awarded the Gold School Games Mark for 2015/16.